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Founded in 1974, the company produces a wide range of hats, scarves and gloves and all what is necessary for perfect promotional purposes.

The production is at 360° and it is appreciated both in Italy and abroad, with propositions suitable for every occasion and requirement, and for the different age brackets: not only hats and accessories for children, with his own mark or with licences, but also for adults under INVOGA brand.
From the male collection, tough and attractive, to the female one, coloured and refined; both for the summer and the winter season and perfect for leisure, sports and special occasions.

From more than 30 years, Marini Silvano proposes hats, sets and accessories for children of all ages: from babies to teenagers, for children who love the heroes of the cartoons and telefilms.
The protagonists of the collections are the most popular characters of Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel and so on.
Apart from that, the company proposes products under his own brand, MAMO totally dedicated to the children, synonymous of quality, refinement and Made in Italy..

Excellent quality, careful attention to every detail, maximum comfort and wearability, creative and attractive design; these are the main purposes of Marini Silvano’s collection that shows a high level of specialization, skill, search and passion.

The nuances include all winter shades, with a predominance of lilac, grey and brown, peak colours of the next winter season.
The materials are manufactured with special techniques, like the jacquard process, obtained weaving threads of different colour in order to achieve figures and geometric shapes, drawn  with the maximum creativity and originality by skilled designers.

The main materials used for the winter production are knitting, fleece, micro-fleece, wool and cashmere threads and fabrics, often embellished with paillettes and strasses. Every creation is personalized with embroideries, sewings, ribbons, flakes and pom pom, to make any model simply special…


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